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Specifically, deodorant stains.

I have a rather small number of shirts that are suitable for work, and some of them are becoming less fit for that purpose in the underarm area. I'm looking for advice about fixing them, if possible, and for preventing this problem in the future.

The pale-colored shirts have a yellowy stain that can be seen when I'm wearing the shirt, but what bothers me more is that some of the shirts seem to retain a musky deodoranty smell that, despite washing, comes back as soon as I start wearing the shirt.

I guess the problem is that the deodorant has built up on the fabric, trapping sweat, in a way that defeats ordinary washing.

I use odorless Dove deodorant for sensitive skin (anything stronger makes me itch; I tried Tom's of Maine organic deodorant but it didn't work for me). I don't shave, but I don't think that's relevant -- when I did, I didn't sweat or smell any differently, and I think I had the same problem with shirts but I just cared less. I usually wash my shirts in cold water with detergent and hang them up to dry, since I have problems with shrinking if I use heat. I did wash everything in warm water last time, but it didn't make any difference.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of the deodorant build-up? And is there anything I can do to prevent it? (Underarm shields seem a little fussy, but if anyone here has tried them, would you recommend it?)
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