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hello dearest community

(and wow, 70 subscribers already) I need your opinion. I have been thinking about having some kind of challenges here, if some people are interested. So I have a broad poll for you, detailing whether such a concept is wanted and if so, what it should be about and how often.

Let me say up front how I'd imagine it to work: I'd post a post to the community with the challenge, picking one that I hope many people in the community would find interesting/helpful (we don't all make our beds in the morning, so a challenge to do so every morning for a week is really pointless - however, most of us have fridges to clean / bills to file away / a bathroom floor to clean). People who want to participate would comment with whether they are doing it / when they need encouragement/ / have completed it / pictures of before and after, whatever they want. If the timeframe is larger than a few days, I'd post a weekly reminder.

This is, if it happens at all, going to be very low-stress. Just some encouragement for those of us who need it from time to time :)

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Thank you very much to the person who bought 2 months of paid time for this account!

This means we now have full journal search available for this account. Okay, so with three posts that isn't necessary yet, but as soon as the volume goes up, this will be very, very helpful.

Thank you again, anonymous donor!


Jan. 29th, 2010 09:18 pm
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Thanks for joining me, everyone. I hope this will be an active community centered on "questions you wish someone had answered you years ago". Or something :)

The idea for this came when I was scrubbing the bathroom, which is such an enjoyable thing to do.

There'll be a rules post at one point, which will not be today. I have... 30 days left to write my MSc thesis. Jo! :)

For now, I'll just try starting this community off a bit. I hope some of you will join me.


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