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Yeah I know that title is lame but who cares?

Ok the point of the challenge is to do this one thing, big or small, that you always put off but which is always there at the back of your mind nagging you and eating at you like some horrible parasite. If you've read this far and if it's doable in that time frame, you have 24 hours from now on to do it. No more! Come on, take a deep breath and go get that weight off your shoulders (and a treat afterwards).

Warning: this message will not self-destruct *runs off*
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If you're like me and tend to fall into Procrastination Hell from time to time, maybe now is one of those times. Here's your challenge: do everything you can do to make whatever cleaner, tidier, better in 30 minutes. No more. The point here is to bring things back to a more manageable level (out of Pigsty Road in my case) and start the week without feeling guilty or any of the other unpleasant things one can feel when they've put things off. Once you're done, do something you like because you rock and deserve it.

Don't think. Do it now.

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Ok tough one: you know the things you seldom clean because they're too high and nobody sees or looks at them so it's not like it matters, right? Let's do that: top of fridge, top of kitchen cabinets, top of bathroom cupboards, top shelves, ceiling light fixtures, high ventilation grates/grilles/whatever, top of doors, anything that's high and you always put off to 'later' (funny how later never seems to show up...).

Edit: foxfirefey reminded us of "the top of shower curtain rods or shower doors". Yeah, these too. :)

Let's give us two weeks to do it.
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Inspired by something I've done this morning, here's a challenge for you: do something you've put off for... forever it seems. It can be small or big, just do it. Bring the clothes you meant to donate to wherever you need to bring them, empty your junk drawer and finally sort it out, polish your shoes, do your taxes, dust that top shelf, put away your summer/winter clothes, file those damn papers, go buy these flower bulbs you've always wanted, make that door stop squeaking, repair what's broken, sew that button back in,...

Now is the time to stop procrastinating! Don't put it off again. You have one week to get it done and you can do it. \o/

*sends good vibes*
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For those of us living in areas of the world with seasons, this is the time where the really big weather changes happen, whether from cold to warm or from warm to cold. With that comes a pretty big switch in what to wear when outside. That's also the perfect time to get rid of stuff you aren't wearing anymore, whether because they are broken or don't fit or just aren't your taste anymore.

I am declaring this a two-week challenge for getting your wardrobe into shape!

Of course, how this is done is very different depending on your living situation. You might want to do a few of the following things:

* going through the clothes and diving them into things that need to be thrown out / things that can be donated or sold / things that need to go into storage (provided you have any way of doing that - I don't) / things that can go back into the wardrobe

* buying new things that fit your style better

* tossing out the clothes that you haven't worn in a few months

* going for much less clothes and reducing your wardrobe to only clothes you really wear and that fit and suit you well

* take pictures of you wearing the clothes in certain combinations to help with getting a feel for what fits together

* organize your wardrobe by color or type of clothes

A few maybe helpful links (haven't yet read them, I am quite exhausted from my own clothes shopping right now):
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Do you manage with weekly cleaning but keep putting off less frequent tasks? I have a challenge for you: get one room completely clean/tidied up by March 28th. Get your stepladder and dust the top of those cabinets. And isn't it time to wash those curtains? When was the last time you moved your furniture and hoovered behind it? Threw out or donated what you no longer needed?

Come on, just choose a room and do what you always postpone to never later. Feel free to comment to say which room you want to tackle, mention whenever you managed to accomplish something - small or big - so that we can cheer you on, and ask for or share some tips.

(P.S. Thanks, Yvi!)
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Do you have things lurking in your fridge that you'd rather not think about? Stuff in your freezer that you don't even remember putting in there?

Join me in this weekend's (March 12 - March 14) challenge to clean out the fridge and freezer.

Here are a few links that might help you if you have never done this before:

And feel free to comment here with flailings, accomplishments and pictures.
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Okay, so it looks like at least a few people would be interested in challenges, with not too broad tasks and rather short timespans (weekend to one week).

So, let's start this off with a week-long thing.

February 18 - February 25: the kitchen cupboards

Declutter, order, and clean at least one of your kitchen cupboards. Whether you tackle something with food in it or something with dishes/cutlery/crockery is up to you. You are of course also welcome to tackle more than just one of the cupboards.

Comment with what you want to do, whether you have already finished, need some encouragement, with pictures, etc. as you like.
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hello dearest community

(and wow, 70 subscribers already) I need your opinion. I have been thinking about having some kind of challenges here, if some people are interested. So I have a broad poll for you, detailing whether such a concept is wanted and if so, what it should be about and how often.

Let me say up front how I'd imagine it to work: I'd post a post to the community with the challenge, picking one that I hope many people in the community would find interesting/helpful (we don't all make our beds in the morning, so a challenge to do so every morning for a week is really pointless - however, most of us have fridges to clean / bills to file away / a bathroom floor to clean). People who want to participate would comment with whether they are doing it / when they need encouragement/ / have completed it / pictures of before and after, whatever they want. If the timeframe is larger than a few days, I'd post a weekly reminder.

This is, if it happens at all, going to be very low-stress. Just some encouragement for those of us who need it from time to time :)

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It's Saturday (in most of the world right now, at least, I think only four time zones have reached Sunday yet) and Saturday is the day that many people tackle household tasks.

The tale of my office )

So, that's what 30 minutes can go. So here's my challenge: Pick a Thing you have been putting off way too long now (cleaning the fridge? sorting the yarn stash? cleaning out the wardrobe?). Tell me about it her and get your encouragement :) Pick an hour of the weekend where you are not busy with something else and then just do the Thing for 30 minutes. Afterwards, relax for 30 minutes and tell us what you accomplished.


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