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Hi y'all,
I have a pair of jeans I love, but at some point I managed to get a considerable amount of hot glue stuck in the fabric. Any recommendations for salvaging my pants? Thanks!
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I'm getting ready to do my winter-to-summer clothes switch (the only reason I haven't already is that I'm going to travel at the end of this month and my destination is colder than where I live). If anyone is like me, you despair of ever minimizing your closet to the point that you only have the stuff you actually need in it.

I know [personal profile] yvi posted a challenge at the end of April, but if anyone (like me) is straggling, I think this is a great idea and I'm going to try it:

Purge Your Wardrobe

Also, I found this link (somewhere on my flist, sorry for repeats!) talking about Erasing Dirt and thought it looked useful for those of us with lots of electronics.
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For those of us living in areas of the world with seasons, this is the time where the really big weather changes happen, whether from cold to warm or from warm to cold. With that comes a pretty big switch in what to wear when outside. That's also the perfect time to get rid of stuff you aren't wearing anymore, whether because they are broken or don't fit or just aren't your taste anymore.

I am declaring this a two-week challenge for getting your wardrobe into shape!

Of course, how this is done is very different depending on your living situation. You might want to do a few of the following things:

* going through the clothes and diving them into things that need to be thrown out / things that can be donated or sold / things that need to go into storage (provided you have any way of doing that - I don't) / things that can go back into the wardrobe

* buying new things that fit your style better

* tossing out the clothes that you haven't worn in a few months

* going for much less clothes and reducing your wardrobe to only clothes you really wear and that fit and suit you well

* take pictures of you wearing the clothes in certain combinations to help with getting a feel for what fits together

* organize your wardrobe by color or type of clothes

A few maybe helpful links (haven't yet read them, I am quite exhausted from my own clothes shopping right now):


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