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Hi y'all,
I have a pair of jeans I love, but at some point I managed to get a considerable amount of hot glue stuck in the fabric. Any recommendations for salvaging my pants? Thanks!
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Any tips for getting an iron clean? I just put two (fortunately small and not very noticeable) stains in two of my skirts before I realized that the iron had crud on it.
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Um, hi! I've recently had to take over clothes washing duties, and sometimes some of the clothes -- especially black stuff -- come out with laundry powder on them. :/

It's a top-loader, and I've been putting the powder in the middle tunnel tubey thing with the softener in the cuppy thing on top of the tunnel tubey thing. Have I been doing too-big loads? Used too much powder?

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

edit Thank you, all! Hopefully the laundry will go more smoothly now.
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I think the subject line adequately describes what I have done at least 5 times in the last few weeks.

Another load of laundry with small white fluff all over it. Any tips on how to get rid of the stuff?
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So, I am lazy. Heh, no surprise there, many of us are.

I also want everything being done and over with when I sit down and have dinner in the evening. So whatever needs to get done in the household, I will do right after I come home or it'll cost me a lot more energy to get up and do it later.

I also, and this is a bad combination, am responsible for the laundry in my household. Coming home at 5-6, then putting things in the washing machine mans it's done by around 8, at which point I will either not notice that it's done or won't have the energy to care. So then I get to hang it up to dry at 10-ish before I go to bed. Which sucks. I also can't just turn it on in the morning because then it will smell when I come back.

However, washing-machine-building-people actually seem to care about me! As I recently discovered, my washing machine has a button for "wash until the last cycle, resume when button is pushed again".

So now I can gather up the laundry in the mornings, turn it on, come back in the evenings and push the button, and fold the laundry from the last load just in time for the current one to finish.

Voila, problem solved. Reading the manual sometimes does help ;)


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