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So, I'm hunting a new home. Let's all share ideas and tips on finding yourself a new burrow!

-Check the police. Here, I can call the non-emergency number and say, 'Dearest Copper, how often have you had to visit this area for break-ins, robberies and other crime?' and they can tell me!

-Visit the neighborhood you're thinking about, both during the day and at night. Is it noisy? Dangerous looking? Streetlights in good repair? Sidewalks, even? Are the people friendly around the area? For example, several of the places I'm looking are what are considered the slightly dodgy areas, but they're full of older retirees and college students these days, not the dodgy folk who moved to SE Burg.

-Find out who your electricity/gas/water would be with and get ideas on what it would cost.

-Make sure you've made sure that you can fit your moving vehicle in the driveway or parking lot. Yeah, I made that mistake once. Never again.

-Craigslist, if possible. They have pictures sometimes!

Anyone else?


Jun. 17th, 2010 03:10 pm
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At some point during the next two or three weeks, I will have the pleasure of moving for the 5th time in less than 7 times, this time further than the previous times (about 3 hours by car away).

So I thought that as a rather big community, we could have a thread where people share their moving tips. Might be helpful to me and others :)
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I've been meaning to do this post for days, but I keep procrastinating because there are so many things I could blog about here. I mean, I could do a whole post on buying furniture alone! So instead, I've tried to strip it down to the five most basic tips. These are geared towards people who are moving into their first place that isn't a dormitory or similar environment, and they may be more applicable to those living alone than with roommates.

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